Essence Moonlighter Cushion

A replication of moonlight; we capture the glistening reflection of the Moon on the sea of night:
Essence Moonlighter Cushion

3 beautiful shades consisting of:
Apricot Tinge: Champagne with a hint of understated iridescent pink
Copper Rose: A créme rose dipped in copper
Glinting Buff: Pure liquid gold

accompanied by a fresh and clean fragrance

Key ingredients
Pearl Pigment | Pearl Powder | Moisturizing Essence | Skin Conditioning Agent | Calming Moisture Technology

Pearl Pigment. Reflects high shine while supplying high pigmentation. When blended into the skin, the skin projects an illuminating glow.

Pearl Powder. Calming agent for your skin; soothes irritations.

Moisturizing Essence. The moisture from the essence is evident when you immerse your finger into the cushion. You can feel how moist the highlighter is with our hydrating ingredients incorporated into the formula.

Calming Moisture Technology. The calming comes from the pearl powder. The moisture comes from the essence.

Skin Conditioning Agent. Produces a cooling sensation on the skin once applied.

Application —
Flexible in use, a controlled amount of highlighter can be applied with your choice of cosmetic implement. We deposited a puff into the compact case which you can use flat (as it came) or folding it in half for a more precise application. If you’d much rather apply it with your fingers, then do you!

About our cosmetic puff —
Our specially innovated puff is made to have more elasticity, absorbing less product within the puff. Spreads evenly onto desired areas and blends well with gentle taps. You can fold the puff in the way you’d prefer as the puff has versatility in form.

Favorite Placement —
Bare Skin
Inner corners of the eyes

The possibilities are endless;

xx, CLĒ

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