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CLĒ’s skincare line-up currently features two facial cleansers embodying a sense of gentleness on sensitive skin types, and function as makeup removers with a non-irritating formula. These two cleansers are not particular when it comes to time and can be put to use during the day and night.

Those who apply makeup everyday know that cleansing the face is imperative; a ritual for maintaining the health and wellness of the canvas of the skin. 

ABOUT | Oxygen Foam Cleanser

The Oxygen Foam Cleanser is an innovative all-in-one self bubbling cleanser with a dividend of a deep cleansing mask; gentle on delicate skin, without stripping the skin of essential hydration. When pumped onto the hand, it is noticeably colorless and lightweight, with a soft and subtle clean fragrance.

HOW TO USE | Oxygen Foam Cleanser

Apply onto dry face. When massaged onto the face, the consistency of the cleanser thickens and turns into a soft, white foam. Leaving the foam on the face for approximately a minute will act as a mask, deepening the cleansing session while acting as an oxygen tank to the skin; helping the skin produce more collagen and elastin. Rinse the cleanser off with warm water or gently wipe off with tissue(s).

The results: Soft, glowing, clean, youthful skin

ABOUT | Melting Cleanser

Formulated without harsh sulfates or heavy oils, the Melting Cleanser is a mild cleanser that applies very smoothly onto the skin. Like its name, it is intended to “melt” away the cosmetics applied on the face without harming and stripping the skin of essential moisture. This cleanser has a gel-like consistency and smells of a soft, and subtle clean fragrance.

HOW TO USE | Melting Cleanser

Apply onto dampened face. This gentle cleanser removes the makeup on the face gradually, in a tender approach. Massage the cleanser on the skin in circular motions with fingertips, concentrating on areas with more makeup (if any). Leaving it on for 30 seconds will provide a deeper cleanse. Rinse off with warm water or gently wipe off with tissue(s).

The results: Clean, hydrated, soft & supple skin

using our facial cleanser

Cheers to clean, healthy skin!