I would like to express my deepest gratitude to women, rising above social expectations and making the effort to become their own boss of their own life.

Recently, I picked up a book about working women.
The book dates back to the eighties where women made huge strides, finding their place in the work force. To be treated equally to men was another story; close yet far from within reach.

They continued to thrive in little light shone upon them...

In this day and age, a lot of women utilize their fullest potential in their fields, expanding their creativity and breaking sweat to flourish businesses. They represent the modern women; manifesting tremendous inspiration for younger girls aspiring to inspire the next generation.

I am inspired by the women I work with.

They naturally inspire and motivate me to strive for more. They are the kind of women using maximal effort to maintain minimalism. The kind of women with clear vision of an effortless lifestyle; simplifying life in the midst of strangling complications.

I’d like to give my appreciation to these women.

Fluid in their way of thinking, their creative force drives CLĒ to new terrains, revealing diverse and authentic ways to represent the brand. The carefully selected collection of women each have astonishing powers and unique attributes; exerting strengths where needed and supporting one another where weaknesses are found.

I find significance in surrounding myself with compassionate, mind-stimulating people; releasing my habitual way of thinking and expanding my mind to extract more ideas. Working with them provided me a new mindset.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you. You rise above social expectations everyday, making the effort to become your own boss of your own life.

xx, J